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Municipality of Jwaya

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For a brief history of the Municipality please click here.

Letter from the Mayor of Jwaya Jawad Roda and Vice-Mayor Ramzi K. Saidi  
(New Letter from New Mayor Mr Sari Taher Fadllalh Coming soon.

Dear Townsmen and Visitors 

Al-Salam Aleykum: 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our hometown and to this Web site. I hope it will provide some useful information about our town and that it will encourage you to visit and join us in its activities and affairs. 

As you may know, our work at the Municipality has not been an easy task. After decades of Occupation, War, Neglect, & the absence of an elected Municipal Council in Jwaya that stretched between 1973 & until 1998. 

The current elected council began working from scratch. We tried to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the town with a relatively small budget. Despite all of these odds, much has been achieved. Nevertheless, much more remains to be done. 

Our dreams and hopes for the future of Jwaya are boundless. They are perhaps greater than our actual financial capabilities, but we shall persevere in our determination and will continue our endeavors for the benefit of every one. 

We trust that future generations, the younger and highly educated children of Jwaya will carry the banner of progressive, forward-looking, and democratic governance for our hometown. 

Thank you and may the Almighty God, guide us together towards the right path for peace and prosperity to our town and country. 

Jawad Roda                         Ramzi K. Saidi 


Back Façade of the Municipality Building under remodeling and completion  

Town Of Jwaya-Lebanon:


        A partial view of upper Jwaya looking to the north east (more pictures)

POPULATION: 25,000 (40,000 with expatriates) (2001 estimate of the Census Bureau)

PERMANENT RESIDENT POPULATION: 6,000 rising to 8,000 in summer. 

AREA: Square Km 36 (36,000 dunums) 

MUNICIPAL MAP: Note: The map available is not of good quality to allow scanning and clear transmittal. We will check again for a better map and aerial photos at the Municipality & update the site.  

General Location of Lebanon  


Location of Jwaya in South Lebanon


Heavy artery lines are major Roads. Faded artery lines are secondary Roads.
(Map courtesy of


Names of the Elected Municipal Council (2004---2010)  
Mayor: Sari Taher Fadlallah 00961 3 330047

Vice Mayor: Ramsey Saiidi 00961 3 227718

Jawad Rida 00961 3 310334

Mohamad Ali Dayekh 00961 3 663639

Ali Saeed Hammoud 00961 3 210311

Hussein Haweeli 00961 3 615402

Mohamad Shouman 00961 3 476569

Khodor Zein 00961 3 855344

Younes Fawaz 00961 3 744311

Hassan Jichi 00961 3712600

Abdul Amir Noureldine 00961 3 916468

Nehmeh Awada 00961 3 748508

Haidar Hachem 00961 3 219606

Issam Lakees 00961 3813356

Yousef Soufan 00961 3636471

Fayez Makki 00961 7410129

Rida Khalil 00961 3497686

Ibrahim Haidar 00961 3880955
Members of the Council: Sheikh Ali Sulieman, Hajj Nehme Awada, Abou Maan Hammoud, Khodr Zein, Eng. Riyas Dayekh, Hajj Fayez Makki (Abu Jamr), Roda Habib Soufan, Haydar Ahmad, Kassem Nazzal, Nehme Jaafar, Ali M Khatoun (inactive). 


Summary of Budgets 1998 - 2001


Year                 Estimated              Actual                     Municipal Budget

                         Revenue                Expenditure                Surplus


1998                       LL422,118,609             L.L93548837                 L.L. 328,569,772

1999                       L.L739,119,070            L.L261733110              L.L. 477,395,960

2000                       L.L1,204,408,002         L.L655763600              L.L. 584,644,402

2001                       L.L1,133,824,736         L.L906887200              L.L. 226,937,036

2002 (Estimate)   L.L900, 000,000  (around $600,000.)

Note: The 2002 estimate has been reduced due to delay in the Central Government¡¯s payments of our Municipal dues.

  Main Accomplishments will be detailed later including details of all annual expenditures between 1998 and end of 2001 and main    projects.  

For a brief history of the Municipality please click here.


Emergency & Useful Numbers in Jwaya:

Municipality Tel: 961-07-410160 E-MAIL:
(Baladyet Jwaya) Fax: 961-07-410166 
Mayor ¨C Jawad Roda:  Tel. 961- 03-310334 / 01-785542                         Fax: 961- 01-386100
Vice Mayor- Ramzi K. Saidi Tel. 961-03-772218 / 01-343740 /01-853086   Fax: 961-01-344814
Email: Civil Court Tel: 961-07-410450
Judge¡¯s office Tel: 961-07-410445
Religious Court: Under Establishment
Police (Darak Jwaya) Tel: 961-07-410544/ 07-410543
Civil Defense (Fire Dept.) of Jowayya: Tel.: 961-07-411125
Red Cross Tel: Tyr 07-740-070, Lebanon: 140

Hospital (Mustashfa Makki) Tel: 961-03-777149
Electricit¨¦ du Liban in Jwaya Tel: 961-07-410724
Water Co. office in Jwaya (Youssef Nazzal) Tel. 961-03-824030
Telephone Co. Office in Jwaya Tel: 961-07-410016/ 410015
Gov¡¯t Post office Tel: 961-07-410786
Census Bureau office in Jwaya Tel: 961-07-410837
Notary Public of in Jwaya Tel: 961-03-229122
Public Infirmary, Social-Medical Center Tel: 961-03-769572
Liban Post Office Tel: 961-07-410797 / 03-826701 Srour Pharmacy Tel: 961-07-410485 / 03-692728
Jaafar Pharmacy Tel: (Later)

Municipal Engineer (Naaman Hachem) Tel: 961-07-241714/ 03-217442 
Municipal Surveyor (Mahmoud Noureddine) Tel: 961-03-858783 
Banks: Jammal Trust Bank in Jwaya Tel: 961-07-410151 
Tobacco Co. Customs Office (Regie) Tel: (Later) 
Religious Scholars of Jwaya 
Sayyed Abdul Karim Noureddine  Tel.: 961-07-410778 
Sayyed Louay Noureddine Tel.: 961-07-410138 / 03-624300 
Sheik Ali Noureddine Tel.: 961-07-410185  
Mokhtars of Jwaya
Ibrahim Dayekh (Abu Ayman)            Tel.: 961-07-410456/ 03-261620
Abdul Amir Haidar                               Tel.: 961-03-261620
Ali Hussein Soufan                               Tel.: 961-03-425314
Hussein Ali Bayram                             Tel: 961-03-682550/ 01-825955
Hajj Maan Hamoud, Member 
Council of Moukhtars  Tel: 961-07-410145 
Abdul Rassoul Morowe, Member
Hajj Roda Hawili, Member

Useful Tel. Numbers in Lebanon: 
Ogero Telephone Company: 
Phone Directory-Information: 120
Phone Repairs & Complaints: 139
Phone Services: 119
International Calls service: 100 
Civil Defense (Fire Dept.): 125


Air & Sea Ports
Beirut Int. Airport Tel: 01-628000
Airport Information: 01-629065\6
Airport Management: 01-629013
Airport Customs: 01-629160\65
Beirut Int. Port 01-580211/2/3/4/5/6
Tyr-Sour Port Tel: 07-740552
Jbeil Port Tel: 09-740054
Jounieh Port Tel: 09-933813, 09-916305
Saida Port Tel: 07-720019
Tripoli Port Tel: 06-601955, 06-600283

Jwaya Educational Institutions:

Jwaya University College Tel: 961-07-410830  (New)
Jwaya Public Primary School Tel: 961-07-410798
Jwaya Public Intermediate School Tel: 961-07-410795
Jwaya Public Secondary School Tel: 961-07-410805
Jwaya Public Kindergarten (Darwish Makki) Tel: 961-07-410504
Jwaya Private School (Madaress Al-Amin) Tel:
Mabarrat Sayyedah Maryam (Orphanage) Tel: 961-07-410235
Mabarratt Ali Jammal School Tel: 961-07-410499 

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